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Designer Landscapes is a one stop solution for all outdoors products. We represent leading national and international brands in Outdoor space and display their products in themed settings so that selecting the products becomes convenient and a memorable experience for the home maker and the architect. Since all our products are for outdoors, they are displayed in outdoors. It enables viewing them in real life settings and also ensures that only the best quality products which genuinely can survive harsh climatic conditions are sold. We have 6 stores across 4 cities and aims to be present across most cities in North & East India by 2016 year end. It is founded by Mr. Rohit Sarda, an alumnus of IIM Bangalore. He has spent more than a decade in understanding and adapting the offerings to suit Indian sub continent climatic conditions.

Our Vision is that people spend quality time outdoor
Love Outdoor Live Outdoors!
Without air-conditioners. Without televisions. Without computers. Ideally without their mobiles too. Spend some quality time with your family and friends, cuddle your children, rekindle the romance & reconnect with your loved one and maybe some time with yourself too.
However for quality time, we need to have quality outdoors that make you feel good about being there. Outdoors is often the most neglected part of the house often used to dry clothes or keep junk. Also outdoor has the harshest climatic conditions with sun, rain, winds and birds causing faster wear and tear. Thus people put cost effective materials without bothering much about aesthetics or the comfort. I have seen many a bungalows with very classy interiors but shabby exteriors.
Due to this cycle in play, there are hardly options for quality outdoor products. Outdoor making experience is often harrowing and devoid of much choice. We, at Designer Landscapes decided to change that.
Our Mission statement is To understand the needs of our customers deeply and passionately provide innovative unique solutions to make their experience memorable. We strive to build lasting relationships & set new benchmarks of growth

We believe that the first step to outdoor living would start from availability of quality outdoor products and concepts. Once these are aided by quality display and informative selling, it would improve the buying experience of the homemaker. Once the home maker makes a quality outdoor using quality material, he would like to spend more time there and thus possibly a positive cycle would start. Then more and more people would want to spend quality time outdoors. We believe in providing an exceptional experience to all our clients through a unique mix of quality products displayed in themed settings assisted by trained manpower and efficient processes.