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How to take care of your outdoor Furniture

Nothing can match the cozy, warm and tranquil feeling of sitting outdoors after a long day of hard work, isn’t it?

Just come home, take a shower and collapse onto your cozy couch in your garden.  And all of your day-long stress will vanish within a minute in a puff of smoke.

However, if you don’t know how to take care those garden tables and couches, sooner those will start to lose the look and soft feelings. And your moment of much-cherished peace would cease to exist.

In this article, I will share some ways of taking care of your outdoor furniture so that your little moments of peace doesn’t get spoiled by the sight of rusted chairs or stained table tops.

Taking care of the furniture

Your outdoor furniture, be it wooden, metal or made of any other material; requires proper care to retain its looks and usability. Here we will talk about three most common kinds of outdoor furniture; Teak furniture, metal garden furniture and wicker furniture and maintenance.

  • Teak patio furniture:

Made of solid teak; a very dense, straight-grained hardwood, teak patio furniture has the timeless beauty which is perfect for outdoor settings. Moreover, high level of natural resinous oil of teak wood gives the teak furniture a high resistance to the termites. If crafted and maintained properly, teak furniture can last generations.

Teak wood has a natural golden honey hue, but after a certain time, it naturally fades into a lighter color. This color change is only cosmetic and doesn’t affect the quality.

Outdoor Furniture

Teak furniture care:

If you want to maintain the natural golden color of your teak furniture, simply perform some sanding, apply teak oil and pour protectant afterward. Teak oil replenishes reduced natural oil inside the wood and helps to retain the natural warm honey color of the furniture. Point to be noted, always clean the furniture with soap water and leave it to dry properly before sanding and applying oil.


Use a proper high-quality furniture cover, if you are planning to leave your furniture outdoor. Make sure your outdoor has a good drainage as well; prolonged exposure to excess moisture can damage even hardwoods like Teak.

Another important thing about teak furniture care, a sudden sharp difference in temperature damages the wood and cracks can appear on the furniture. While moving your teak furniture indoor, don’t shift it into a preheated or extremely chilled room directly from the outdoor for temperature difference related damages prevention.


  • Metal garden furniture:


Metal garden furniture is for those who want their outdoor furniture to last for a long time. Metal furniture style can vary from classic wrought iron to sleek contemporary designs to charming bistro pieces.

Outdoor Furniture

Metal Garden furniture Care:

Maintenance of metal furniture are relatively easier, you can clean it with soap water, using a non-abrasive piece of cloth.

If your garden furniture is steel made, make sure any scratch that exposes the bare metal underneath are treated properly to prevent rust. If rust has already set in, remove it using some steel wool, then touch up the affected area using an exterior metal paint of the same color.

Aluminium garden furniture is not prone to rust, but it can suffer from aluminium oxidation. This will change the color of the metal over time, but won’t affect the strength – in fact, it actually makes it stronger. If you want to maintain the original color of your furniture, make sure you clean it regularly, and keep it fully covered during the winter months.


  • Wicker furniture:

If you love the natural looking, practically maintenance free outdoor furniture, wicker furniture is the best choice. Resin wickers are very durable; those don’t splinter or rot even in 176 degrees F.  Wicker furniture may be little pricier than other options but is not prone to peel or crack like others. Color or oil coating for retaining the natural color is not even necessary for wicker furniture.

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Wicker furniture care:

Over time, your wicker patio furniture may get sticky from spilled drinks, food and bird droppings. Simply spray your patio furniture with the garden hose to remove the sticky stain. You can even use soap water to clean your furniture as well without affecting its color. Use a soft bristle brush to get into the creases of your wood-look resin furniture then rinse with the water.

Though wicker furniture is often quite enduring, you should invest in good quality outdoor furniture cover. The cover will minimize fading over time and keep your furniture looking new for a prolonged period.

In conclusion, maintenance of your outdoor furniture is quite easy and perfectly manageable for oneself. However, if you need some good quality outdoor furniture or maintenance related queries; feel free to call Designer Landscapes.