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How to Transform Your Terrace into a Beautiful Garden

We, the city dwellers do cherish greenery very much. But at a first glance, a piece of nature in the midst of the gray concrete jungle may seem like a distant dream.

However by decorating your own terrace, you can createyour own piece of nature even in the middle of the busiest of the towns.

This article will lead you through the necessarysteps, to get you started.

Step 1: Check your terrace.

To start with terrace gardening, first check the load capacity of your terrace. Plants, soil, furniture and other decorative materials can put a lot of pressure which can damage both of the terrace and living space. Hire an architect or professional to have a clear idea about excess load and plan your garden design accordingly.

Exposure to direct sunlight is another key factor to consider. You may need to make changes to your garden plan based on the availability of sunlight.

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Step 2: Plan your garden, on paper.

Step 2 of decorating a terrace garden is to plan the basic layout of your garden. You cancome up with a garden plan based on your personal preferences, roof condition and weather condition. You should either brainstorm with a professional or consult websites and books before planning. We, the Designer Landscape team, havelong experience in terrace garden designing. You can feel free to contact us as well.

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Step 3: waterproof the roof.

Without adequate waterproofing, both of your garden and home are vulnerable to dampness or lasting damage because of excess moisture.

Use either water proofing or coverage technique to stop water from seeping into the structure. Some of the best non-porous waterproofing solutions are slate stone, fiber plus coating and rubber with bitumen compound. Seek professional help during water proofing material installation.

Point to be noted; always choose lighter alternatives to reduce excess pressure on the terrace.

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Step 4: Choose your plants.

Terrace garden plants are different from regular garden plants. Unlike regular gardens, plants with long roots are not suitable for your terrace garden.  Fiber root plants and bonsai plants are ideal in such settings. Opt for a mix of shrubs, flowers and creepers for both aesthetic value and practical reasons.If you have a garden color theme, stick to it. You can use containers, plastic pots or planters toeradicate any chance of water leakage from the plants.

Moreover, do some research about manure and choose one or a mix that doesn’t wield too much pressure on the roof surface.

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Step 5: Ensure the proper drainage system.

The proper drainage system is the backbone of your terrace garden. Without proper drainage water can accumulate here & there and seep into other parts of the building. For better drainage, your terrace should be inclined towards water outlets.

Another sign of proper drainage is water can pass through flower beds and turf without washing out the soil.Plan properlytoprevent the soil erosion due to heavy rain as well. A Consultation with an expert can take you a long way in this regard.


Step 6: Use landscaping.

Basic landscaping is absolutely essential for transforming your terrace garden. From plants to furniture, you can tweak every element of your terrace garden to improve the view. For example, arrange your plants on varying levels for avisual treat. If you have seasonal plants, make sure to replace those after completion of the life cycle. You can even use statues, fountains and stones to give your terrace garden an exotic touch.

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Step 7: Furniture and lighting.

Your terrace garden is a small and cozy outdoor where you can sit and enjoy. And that’s whydurable and congruent looking furniture is absolutely necessary. You can either opt for modern metal furniture or wooden tables and chairs. However, while choosing the furniture always keep your overall theme in your mind. Though cross theme terrace garden may look impressive, any mistake can make the whole outdoor look outright incongruent.

Lighting arrangement is optional for any kind of outdoor setting and terrace garden is no exception. Do it in moderation and keep those away from the plants.


In conclusion, if you believe that, since you are living in a city full of skyscrapersyou can’t enjoy the greenery; it is time to re-align your thoughts. With proper planning and care, you can have a beautiful piece of nature, right on your terrace.